Prof. Frieder Roskam - Member of the Hall of Fame

Frieder Roskam devoted his entire life to the fields of sports facility development and sports architecture.

So it was only natural that he should initiate the founding of the International Work Group for Sports Facility Development, or IAKS, in 1965. Roskam was the Secretary General and Executive Board member of the IAKS from the outset and built it up into an internationally recognised association of experts.

Roskam was not only a highly skilled administrator but also the living embodiment of the ideas of the IAKS. His contribution to sports facility development in Germany and his efforts on the international level are two of the reasons why the IAKS was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2015.

In honour and recognition of this outstanding personality, Prof. Frieder Roskam was the first member to be inducted into the IAKS Hall of Fame.