Three Questions to the operator Mikkel Selmar

What is GAME’s ambition?
GAME is an international Top 200 NGO with a mission to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports and culture. Our concepts combine young volunteers with innovative sport-for-all facilities to drive social impact. Our volunteer program and street sport facilities engage children and youth of various backgrounds in healthy and positive sport-for-all activities.

Our ambition is to open more innovative street sport facilities – with Beirut being the first location outside Denmark. It is a pioneering project that brings new life to worn out, abandoned or vacant industrial buildings by transforming them into a new vibrant culture house for street sports, culture and art with a social purpose.

Why is the emphasis on youth role models?
GAME’s main focus is on youth leadership. We involve the local youth in the planning and design of GAME houses and when we train the GAME Playmakers to run fun street sport practices for kids and to work with concepts of individual, social and community empowerment. The strength of the program is Playmakers’ learning to take control of their lives and environment and strengthen their participation in civil society. We have around 500 active Playmakers in Denmark, Lebanon, Somalia and Jordan, all of whom are volunteers. GAME operates so far in 50+ communities (GAME Zones) in Denmark, Lebanon, Jordan and Somalia, offering spaces for youth to meet in a safe and inclusive environment.

What is the importance of street sports?
Street sports play an important role in fragile neighbourhoods and societies in preventing conflicts and building a better and more stable future that bridges religious, social, cultural or geographical divides.

Our Playmakers volunteer in GAME Zones and GAME Houses. They serve a broad spectrum of the local population – economic differences disappear in the street basketball cage; headscarves are non-noteworthy on the street football court; gender is meaningless when youngsters help each other through parkour training; and the music of street dance drowns out accents.