Offprints & inserts


An offprint is a very useful reference publication, particularly in talks with clients. Offprints are always a high-grade tool for attracting customers at trade fairs, congresses and seminars as well.

For the offprint, your article in “sb“ is supplemented with two extra pages: the “sb“ cover layout with your picture, and your advertisement or business presentation on the back page.

A two-page article in “sb“ is thus converted into a four-page offprint. A print run of 1,000 copies costs €1,595 plus the current rate of VAT. The cost of 2,000 copies is only minimally higher at €1,750.

An eight-page offprint of a sixpage article costs €2,475 for 1,000 copies and €2,750 for 2,000 copies, in each case plus the current rate of VAT.

All of our offprints are also presented online and in our newsletter.

IAKS members are awarded a 15 % discount on each order.


If you have already produced your own bound or loose inserts or special forms of advertising, then contact us. All the more so if you are still looking for suitable specialists for printing and layout. We will then suggest ways of accurately targeting your messages at our readers in the next issue of “sb“.