In all pool projects, it is essential to achieve a close match between the location analysis and the offered activities. This issue of “sb” is presenting a competition and leisure pool in a German winegrowing region, a student swimming centre in Vancouver both for Olympic hopefuls and the local neighbourhood, and an indoor pool close to Oslo which has been sensitively embedded into the coastal landscape.

Three swimming and leisure centres in Canada, Scotland and the USA exhibit different interpretations of the increasingly popular concept of the community centre in which various sporting and non-sporting leisure offers are united on a single site.

Spectacular views from the inside looking out and vice-versa are provided by two pools integrated in the mountain scenery in Norway and Switzerland.

The examples of projects are rounded off by two white papers concerned with the sustainability strategies for the sports venues of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia, and with the factors for the success of combining swimming pools with spa and fitness offerings.