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100th WM Mammoth

In October 2015, WM ice technics, manufacturer of top-quality ice resurfacing machinery, presented their latest breakthrough: The WM Mammoth, a fully-electric ice resurfacing machine for standard ice rinks. And now, just three years on, the 100th WM Mammoth is leaving the production site of the South Tyrolean company. A success story beyond our wildest dreams. The WM Mammoth has won over clients in every corner of the world through, first and foremost, its efficiency and user-friendliness, along with its integrated edger, tilt-access engine compartment, quick-change system for rapid blade replacement and its fully-automated mode. The ice resurfacer features countless details that make work operations comfortable and safe. This has been confirmed not only by positive customer feedback, but also by type-testing carried out by Suva, Switzerland’s independent certification association. In creating the WM Mammoth, WM ice technics have achieved a new milestone in innovative design. In November 2017, when we presented the first fully-automated WM  ammoth Auto Drive, the company took a step into the future: Through its positioning system, the Mammoth Auto Drive can fully resurface an ice rink, even without a driver.WM ice technics is a market leader with resurfacing machinery. The company was founded in 1986 by machinist Willy Mulser and, despite its growth, it has remained a family company. Development, production and assembly all take place under one roof. WM ice technics are masters of innovation and, with their unceasing avant-garde developments, never fail to attract attention. The production range currently features four ice-resurfacing machines: The WM evo2 for ice ovals, the WM Mammoth and WM Mammoth Auto Drive for standard ice rinks, the WM Compact for small ice rinks and the WM Pinguino for mobile ice rinks.


Certified safety for WM Pinguino

WM ice technics from South Tyrol, Italy have been developing and producing innovative ice-resurfacing machines for ice rinks of all sizes for over thirty years now. From construction to final assembly, standardised production all takes place within the company itself. This means that clients’ specific needs can be met, and quality controls are assured. In addition, WM ice technics and their distributors guarantee a comprehensive service in the initial operation and maintenance of machinery.

WM ice technics attach great importance to the safety and user-friendliness of equipment and are the only international manufacturer to have their ice-resurfacing machinery assessed by Suva, the independent certification organisation based in Switzerland. When machinery undergoes this type test, a panel of experts assesses, among other things, the risk-free use, maintenance and ergonomics of the machinery. This certification gives the client the guarantee of purchasing a machine which, in addition to in-house testing, has been closely examined by an independent organisation.

Following on from the WM Mammoth ice-resurfacer for standard ice rinks and the WM evo2 for speed-skating ovals, the first ice-resurfacer for mobile ice rinks, the WM Pinguino, has now taken the comprehensive type test – and passed with flying colours! By issuing inspection number E 7164.d, Suva confirms that the WM Pinguino meets all the EU standards for health and safety, standards that far surpass the minimum legal requirements.

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For mobile ice rinks : WM Pinguino

WM is a tradition-steeped company renowned for its efficient ice resurfacing, flexibility and innovation. It is one of the market leaders with high-quality ice resurfacers thanks to its decades of experience, precise workflow and technical expertise. Clients throughout Europe can rely on innovative products subjected to thorough quality checks during development, production and assembly. Customised solutions are also possible, together with the production of individual and spare parts: you’ll never skate on thin ice again with WM!

WM ice technics is now presenting WM Pinguino, the first efficient ice-resurfacing machine for mobile ice rinks. 3 m long and 2 m high, the WM Pinguino is fleet, nimble and exceptionally capable. Weighing in at 1,250 kg, this is a lightweight ice resurfacer with incredible potential. It is equipped with an engine fuelled with either petrol or LPG, a 340 L water tank, and a 1 m³ snow bin. The spring-mounted driver’s seat at the front of the vehicle provides optimum visibility and mobility on small ice surfaces, and even maintenance is child’s play: The tiltable conditioner unit ensures that blades can be quickly and easily replaced and that the engine is easy to access.

Like all WM ice technics ice resurfacers, the WM Pinguino is unsurpassed in terms of user-friendliness, sleek design and certified safety, confirmed in type-testing by Suva.

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