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ProPlay® prolongs safety

Early adopters of the ProPlay® shock absorbing layer are currently reaping the benefits. A growing number of installations are proving that the lifespan meets expectations, thereby en­abling clubs and stadium owners to offer a safe and durable surface over a longer period of time and achieve significant savings when renewing their synthetic turf surfaces. Engineered systems like synthetic turf fields enable field owners to control the quality and safety of their fields. However, they often fail to recognise the importance of a shockpad. ‘I have had clients and architects in the past considering various pads to reduce the Gmax results of their field,’ Craig Shonk of Midwest Synthetic Turf says. ‘The price of adding a pad was just simply out of their budget. As an alternative, they requested a taller pile height turf, which allowed for more rubber to be added to the infill system. That helped lower the Gmax but it also makes the field so soft underfoot that you increase the fatigue in your lower body. The experience is similar to running on dry sand on a beach vs running on wet sand.’ Shonk has become a strong advocate of using shockpads. ‘A pad gives you the reduction in Gmax results but maintains a firm and fast surface underfoot because of the higher sand content in the sand/rubber infill mix. Putting a pad under the turf is always the best option, if you can afford it.’

‘ProPlay® shock and drainage pads are produced from foam products that, for one or another reason, ended up not being used,’ Jens Ulb, Sales Director of Schmitz Foam Products ex­plains. ‘These products already passed the quality tests at their respective producers and provide us with the perfect raw material to enable us to produce a superior shock-absorbing panel.’ As a result, the company’s CO2 footprint is limited. ‘Best of all is that we prevent quality products that were not used for their intended purpose from ending up in the waste stream.’

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IAKS member ProPlay installs soccer fields in Greenland

The installation of a new artificial grass soccer field in Qaqortoq, southern Greenland, started last July. It is the second of three artificial grass fields installed with ProPlay®- Sport23D in Greenland. Last year the first field went into operation in Narssaq. The third and last field has also been delivered and installed this September in Nanortalik.Greenland has a polar and sub-polar climate. Gigantic ice sheets mean that only 19% of the total surface area is icefree, and even this is subject to strong winds and snow fall. These tough weather conditions mean that matches in the past could only be played between May and September, and on sand and ash pitches as grass doesn’t grow readily in this harsh environment. We are happy to see the people of the Municipality of Kujalleq (approximately 7,100 inhabitants) enjoying their sports on the three excellent outdoor fields.ProPlay-Sport23(D) is designed as a technical sports layer for artificial turf sports fields. For prompt installation, Pro- Play-Sport23(D) is supplied as interlocking panels equipped with expansion slots. ProPlay-Sport23(D) consists of thermally bonded (closed-cell) cross-linked polythene foam (PEX or XPE). The predicted durability of the XPE foam is 100 years minimum. In addition to ProPlay-Sport23, which has the necessary technical characteristics, there’s also Pro- Play-Sports23D. This product also has additional (in-plane) drainage channels which ensure the adequate drainage of water in case the artificial turf system is build on a watertight non-porous base. (Photo: GreenFields) 


The highest-altitude ProPlay® pitch

The highest-altitude ProPlay® pitch, located in Estadio Municipal Villa Ingenio in the municipality of El Alto in Bolivia has been finished. El Alto (Spanish for “The Heights”) is one of Bolivia’s fastest-growing urban centres and the highest city in the world, with an average elevation of 4,150 m. It makes this pitch the highest-altitude FIFA Quality Pro certified field in the world. It is also the first synthetic turf pitch with a horizontal drainage system in Bolivia, using the ProPlay®-Sport23D shock pad with outstanding drainage capacity.
Estadio Municipal Villa Ingenio is the first modern stadium in Bolivia and has a capacity of 25,000 spectators. The Government allocated 55.8 million bolivianos for construction, which is about 6.6 million euros.
The stadium was officially inaugurated by Bolivian President Evo Morales in Villa Ingenio. It was premiered by the ‘Bolívar’ and ‘The Strongest’ teams in a classic ‘paceño’. “Brothers and sisters, a small gift to the people of El Alto, to that rebellious people, rebellious not only for the demands of the people of El Alto, but also for the people of La Paz and fundamentally for the Bolivian people,” the President said after giving the inaugural kick. “From the first moment, the people of El Alto guaranteed us the democratic cultural revolution with their conscience, with their vote and we are therefore meeting our responsbility to commend the people of El Alto with this kind of project,” he said.

This high-quality pitch is the outcome of collaboration between Greenfields (who provided the high-quality synthetic turf) and Schmitz Foam Products B.V. (who provided the high-performance ProPlay® shock and drainage pad).

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Recently, ProPlay for Playgrounds shock pads were installed at Karl’s Strawberry Park in the adventure villages of Rö­vershagen, district of Rostock, and Zirkow, island of Rügen, in Germany.

The theme parks are all about strawberries and are popu­lar destination excursions for many Baltic coast tourists.

They bring together a mixture of farm shops, restaurants and many different attractions for children and their parents.

In Rövershagen, ProPlay was installed on the roof of the world‘s largest strawberry basket. Kids can climb on it and play safely on the roof at all times. To ensure the safety of playing children, ProPlay for Playgrounds pads were installed underneath the artificial grass.

The first wheelchair carousel for disabled children and a tube slide were built in the adventure village in Zirkow. These surfaces have also been laid with ProPlay for Playgrounds and thus give all users a safe ride.

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8 artificial grass fields … 7 sports facilities … 100% ProPlay shock pad!

Eight new artificial grass fields at seven sports facilities have now been officially completed in the urban area of ​​Erfurt, Germany. The 40.000 m2 project was completed in cooperation with the Erfurt City Council.Already in July 2013, the conceptual foundations were decided in the Erfurt City Council and the entire project was launched. In this area, the number of soccer clubs has grown significantly. Therefore the renovation and modernization of  the current sports facilities was necessary.In July 2014, the European tendering procedure started. In 2015 the building contract was awarded to STRABAG Sportstättenbau Dortmund GmbH in the form of a PPP model "Public Private Partnership".Usually, the construction of sports facilities cannot be carried out from October to March, but the weather-independent installation of the ProPlay shock pad made it possible to start construction in late 2015. The renovation of two large playfields and a small playfield took place in November 2015.From April to September 2016 four hard courts were transformed into artificial grass pitches. Additionally one completely new pitch was built from scratch.The ProPlay shockpad was applied under all pitches showing the great trust the client has in Schmitz Foam Products. A guarantee period of 25 years, perfect sporting performance, the fast and easy installation and the high level of quality are the main reasons in the decision for ProPlay.On September 22nd  2016, the eight pitches were handed over officially in the presence of the mayor, all parties involved with the construction, the operator and the sports clubs.