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Fitness Outside

The wellness and fitness giant Pfitzenmeier has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 40 years. To provide even better facilities at its Premium Plus Resort in Schwetzingen, Pfitzenmeier has just invested in a brand new ‘power garden’ to create optimal conditions for outdoor training.

The 600 m² ‘power garden’ sports area is not only the first for Pfitzenmeier, but it is the only one available in the entire region. The main area of 322 m² benefits from a CONICA CONIPUR 2S flooring system which provides the perfect conditions for outdoor workouts, personal training sessions, group classes and, of course, individual training. The seamless CONICA 2S system offers a high degree of safety and comfort due to its excellent levels of elasticity and slip resistance. After a rain shower, the water-permeable surface dries quickly, allowing it to be used again without any delay.

However, the CONIPUR 2S is not only suitable for ‘power gardens’. The versatility and performance of this system makes it the ideal choice for jogging tracks, basketball courts and of course also for outdoor multi-use sports areas at schools and municipal facilities. In addition, the extensive range of colours allows creative combinations. Whether monochrome or multi-coloured – there are no limits to the surface design.

Would you like to know more about the colourful multi-purpose CONIPUR 2S sports surfacing? The CONICA team will be happy to provide advice and supervise your project.
Please contact or +41 52 644 36 00.



A new industrial floor

The company Anita is a well-known global fashion label. In 2017 the production site and warehouse at the headquarters in Brannenburg was given a new floor finish. The management team at Anita had a number of key criteria for the new floor, including durability and compliance with health-related quality standards. Following the recommendations of CONICA, Anita chose the CONIFLOOR IPS industrial flooring system, a highly durable floor system which meets stringent AgBB (Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products) guidelines, for installation within both the warehouse and production areas.  In summer 2017, Rieder and Willmann, a recognised industrial flooring expert, installed 3,000 m² of CONIFLOOR IPS – a high-performance, self-smoothing polyurethane coating, at the site in Brannenburg. Leonhard Rieder, owner of Rieder and Willmann, was very satisfied with the choice of the CONIFLOOR IPS flooring system. “It was very important for the client that their employees work in a healthy and safe environment without any emissions from the floor coverings, so the floor had to comply with the AgBB, whilst also delivering R9 slip resistance,” Rieder commented. However, there was another important aspect that played a role in the selection. “The client also wanted a coating system that provided excellent crack-bridging performance. The CONIFLOOR IPS, when installed at a thickness of 2.5 mm, bridges cracks 1.2 mm wide,” Rieder explained. “I was very happy with the whole system, especially with the product CONIFLOOR 420, the main self-smoothing part of the system.” Many thanks to Anita, and Rieder and Willmann, for selecting CONICA products and for the positive feedback.


Completely Jointless

100% pure PUR material – 100% jointless throughout. With its system variants, the innovation from CONICA – a high-performance elastic layer made of pure PUR – meets the highest standards in compliance with emission targets and has a fire classification – while achieving maximum functionality. This means extra value compared to the prefabricated mats made from recycled materials. Its quality is proven by test reports conforming to AgBB (emissions), EN 14904 (sports functionality) and EN 13501-1 (fire behaviour).

This new elastic layer applied on site in its liquid state is used for point- and combined-elastic indoor sports flooring systems:

CONIPUR HG pure FULL PUR – This point-elastic floor absorbs impact forces immediately like a shock absorber, reducing the risk of injury as well as stress on the joints.

CONIPUR CE pure FULL PUR – This combined-elastic sports floor combines the advantages of point- and area-elastic floor systems that usually have a larger resonant mass. The point-elastic component on the wooden substructure delivers protection and comfort.

CONIPUR FULL PUR – The liquid elastic layer of pure polyurethane (100% PUR) is 100% pure, freshly produced material with a definite origin and controlled quality. Application on site in its liquid state makes the system 100% jointless.

Further positive features such as time savings due to faster installation, simpler handling across the board and controlled quality make CONIPUR FULL PUR an innovative, Swiss product – typically CONICA.



MGSU, Russia

The Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) was established in 1921. Before 1993 it was known as Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering. It is one of the oldest technical institutes of higher education and a leading civil engineering institute in Russia.

The university comprises 10 faculties and more than 50 departments, enabling students to do research and studies in the areas of design and construction. At the moment, there are more than 18,000 students enrolled at the university.

The university contains a newly constructed, modern indoor athletics hall, which is currently the second-biggest indoor sports complex in this vein in Moscow. Equipped with running tracks and multipurpose flooring areas, the venue is designed to host major national and international athletics competitions.

CONICA has been awarded the job to supply polyurethane-based sports flooring products and systems for this outstanding project. Altogether over 5,600 m² has been installed: For the track, the IAAF certified sandwich system CONIPUR SW was chosen with an overall area of 3,460 m². In addition, the two-layer EPDM system CONIPUR 2S was implemented in the run-off and warm-up areas.

Next to the running track area, a multipurpose field with a total area of 1,174 m² is located. In co-operation with the people in charge, a decision has been taken in favour of the area-elastic indoor sports flooring system CONIPUR AE, which is distinguished by its high functionality and protective function.




Corporate Re-Formation of CONICA

As of 1 July 2013 CONICA AG, Schaffhausen will function as an separate enterprise in the market. With an even enhanced flexibility CONICA will be well prepared to meet future global challenges. In the course of the new positioning of the brand CONICA has also introduced a new Corporate Design. On of the key elements in this connection is the new website approach and the new Corporate Logo. Under visitors will receive comprehensive information around CONICA and its product solutions in a modern appearance.