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ASb realises art installation

ASB GlassFloor is renowned for its innovative sports floors. Another increasingly important activity is architectural solutions, and glass surfaces with LED video elements open up entirely new possibilities for this.

Art meets technology – this is the combination that made artist Marc Gumpinger famous on an international scale. His idea of linking algorithms with classic art techniques to create a new aesthetic is so compelling that the lifestyle magazine The Hedonist named him “Artist of the Moment” last year. And if Marc Gumpinger is Artist of the Moment, then ASB GlassFloor surely qualifies as “Enterprise of the Moment”: with its LED-equipped glass floors, ASB enhances playing areas during sports events: within seconds a handball court is transformed into a football pitch – and during the break the floor provides new sources of income as advertising space.

Christof Babinsky, CEO of ASB, has been consistently working towards a digitally enhanced sports and event floor: “The digital version is the future. With the sports and event version we are only exploiting one small portion of the potential.” The fact that the glass floor can be used in revolutionary cutting-edge solutions in architecture was demonstrated at the beginning of 2018, when ASB provided an installation at the Irish Microsoft headquarters. Visitors there are welcomed by a virtual waterfall that appears to plunge down four flights of stairs into a digital lake. The idea was realised with LED and glass elements that can be controlled on the plug & play principle via an HDMI interface.


ASB GlassFloor


A Unique Floor

“Court 16” will lead as the most innovative tennis club in the United States. Its unparalleled concept of tailoring tennis to a wide range of age groups has now received an optimal flooring solution: the multifunctional LED flooring system by ASB GlassFloor, which fits perfectly into the training concept of “Court 16”. In 2014 Anthony Evrard opened its first flagship location. Born and raised in Brussels, owner and visionary Anthony Evrard brought an idea from Europe that was entirely new to the US – a tennis club for children in their formative years – ages 3 to 11.

“Court 16’s” new Queens location will be the first tennis facility in the world to feature a glass floor tennis surfacing with proprietary LED lines. The customized surface by German manufacturer ASB GlassFloor provides the most cushioned surface to activate Court 16’s innovative tennis programme. The flooring helps reduce the risk of injury, providing the safest surface for children’s fast-growing joints and creating the ideal platform for players of all ages to play. ASB GlassFloor offers a patented solution with a glass flooring system for sports facilities in which integrated LEDs make an individual layout of the court possible for both adults and children. The company offers two different options. With ASB LumiFlex, the entire floor turns into a multi-media monitor, opening up completely new possibilities for sports venues, such as additional advertising opportunities and revenue. On the other hand, ASB Multi-Sports, the floor installed at “Court 16” Long Island City, uses LED game lines which allow you to switch between marking lines for different sports. In addition, these LED lights can change tennis court marking lines within seconds using a touch screen, and special markings have been integrated for individual exercises – the perfect solution for the requirements of the new Court 16 location.

ASB GlassFloor



A rental solution for glass floors

With the LumiFlex glass floor from ASB Rental Solutions GmbH, companies, event and exhibition organisers now have an attractive tool at their fingertips for developing whole new display spaces. The glass floor is fitted with LED video screens and is thus perfectly suited to turning sport-ing events, exhibitions and other events into a multimedia experience – and it is now available for rent.

For more than 50 years, ASB has stood for innovation “Made in Germany”. With its ASB LumiFlex, the company has developed a glass floor that can change the whole floor into a multi-functional monitor. “Our multimedia floor was originally developed for sports centres”, explains ASB’s Managing Director Christof Babinsky. “With the LED features, the chaos of court lines is a thing of the past. A basketball court can turn into a badminton court at the press of a button. We quickly realised that the technology had huge potential, and not just in the world of sport. So we came up with the idea of founding a new company. With ASB Rental Solutions GmbH, we can now transform every floor space into an exciting multimedia surface. And it can be done quickly and efficiently. We came onto the market as a new player, offering an innovative and attractive advertising and performance solution for every type of event.“ With the foundation of ASB Rental Solutions GmbH, the ASB LumiFlex can now be rented for one-off events. ASB thus opens up new, attractive presentation possibilities for companies, exhibition organisers, event planners and exhibition hall constructors. Exhibition organisers can rent the floor as an additional advertising space and thereby generate a new source of income. Companies and event organisers can create spectacular effects, which will make a lasting impression on visitors.

ASB Rental Solutions GmbH


Glass sports venue flooring

A new arena for ball sports opened in Dresden in May. Located between the famous Semperoper state opera house and the Ostra sports park, the venue will above all host Bundesliga-level handball matches. The hall’s main attraction – besides the players of local handball club HC Elbflorenz Dresden – is the blue glass sports floor from ASB. The markings are touchscreen-controlled and can be changed to suit any type of sport – a pioneering innovation made in Germany!

When the BallsportArena in Dresden opened, the around 4,500 guests invited to the opening ceremony were amazed when they saw the hall’s flooring. The futuristic look of the blue glass floor with its luminous white LED lines elicted such appreciative comments as “totally innovative” from quite a few of the visitors. Barry Hardy, coach of the legendary “Harlem Globetrotters” show basketball team, who had come all the way from the USA to attend the opening ceremony, also enthused: “We love this floor!“.
The LED markings, around 2.5 kilometres of strip lights, can be switched on and off individually for the playing areas  needed for different sports.

Fifty reasons for a glass floor
Meeting all the technical requirements of modern sports flooring, this is the biggest ASB MultiSports floor the company has so far installed. The aluminium dual-support sprung floor substructure ensures that its absorption complies with the standard and makes the hardened safety glass flooring even more elastic than most sports flooring, which reduces the risk of injuries. To prevent glare and excessive light reflection, the glass surface underwent a special acid-treatment process.
ASB GlassFloor - Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH


ASB Takes Squash Development Into Football!

Leading squash court manufacture ASB has taken its pioneering glass floor concept successfully into the world’s most popular sport football.
Earlier this month, Nike installed “the coolest football pitch ever” on the roof top of the Bikini Mall in Berlin for the finals of the German Nike Football X Cup and the European Nike Football X Cup.

Furthermore, Nike used the event to demonstrate its brand performance of the two Champions League finalists (FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin) to launch the “Hypervenum X”  shoe – a new football trainer for small field competition on performance surfaces.
The arena, custom-built for the three-day event, featured a 150 sq metre sports floor football pitch - equipped with an LED screen over the entire surface. 
The 10m x 15m pitch was created by sports floor specialists ASB – incorporating the technology of the “ASB GlassFloor”, the state-of-the-art squash court floor recently launched by the German company.

The unique floor featured more than 15 million LEDs - 10,000 per square metre.  The ASB GlassFloor glass made it possible to walk on the surface – the non reflective high-performance glass equipped with a special cushioning layer and applied to the top of the LED surface.
“The result of the cutting-edge technology is breathtaking,” said ASB CEO Christof Babinsky.  “A pitch for small field soccer that can be used as a screen across the whole of the surface.  The ‘screen’ was used to imitate several different surfaces - like sand, grass, concrete, gravel and even outer space.  The score was displayed live on the floor and different graphic animations in foul, goal or attempt situations made the fast game even more exciting.”
The Nike event attracted several stars, including German World Cup hero Miroslav Klose and Brazilian’s soccer legend and two-times World Cup winner Ronaldo (Ronaldo Nazário de Lima) – who both tested the pitch and picked three of the players each to compete in a celebrity-studded tournament.
"The event was a massive success,” added Babinsky.  “The feedback we received from athletes was fantastic. All players had been fascinated by the glass floor and the grip on the glass. The matt surface made it possible to use the surface as a competition surface even under direct sunlight, because the players cannot get blinded by the reflection.
“We knew it would be cool, but even our expectations were exceeded!
“The next step is to design the full LED floor as a modular system that allows even faster installation or de-installation. Install times are a key factor for events of this type.  With a modular system we can install a full screen basketball floor that has three times the size of the recent installation in only one day.”
This initiative follows the recent announcement of the installation of the 500th ASB “Movable Wall Court” facility.
This squash court development provide maximum flexibility for sports centres, where walls can easily be moved either to extend singles squash courts into doubles courts, or convert a dedicated squash facility into an open arena for multi-sport usage.
The new glass floor development now offers additional benefits – where the floor markings can instantly be adjusted to suit the arena usage, thereby avoiding the current situation where numerous different ‘pitch layouts’ have to co-exist side-by-side.
Lots of sports beside squash, like badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis or even boxing may benefit from this new cutting-edge technology.
“It would be great to see Klitschko on a glass floor,” concluded Babinsky.  “This technology is made for boxing!”