Executive Board

Managing Board:

President: Dr Stefan Kannewischer, Switzerland
Kannewischer Management

Vice President: Prof. Dr Takazumi Fukuoka, Japan
Japanese Institute for Sport and Culture

Vice President: Gary-Conrad Boychuk, Canada
Architect UIA S+L, FRAIC, AIBC

Treasurer: Dr Markus Fischer, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Fischer Consult



Karin Schwarz-Viechtbauer, Austria
Austrian Institute for School and Sports Facilities (ÖISS)

Wolfgang Becker, Austria
University and Provincial Sports Centre in Rif/Salzburg

Haymo Huber, Austria
hsb group

Tom Jones, United Kingdom


Secretary General:

Klaus Meinel, Germany


Representatives of sections:

IAKS Germany: Prof. Dr Robin Kähler, Germany
President of the IAKS Germany

IAKS Japan: Prof. Dr Mitsuru Senda, Japan
President of the IAKS Japan
Environment Design Insitute

IAKS LAC (Latin American and Caribbean): Jorge Ehlers, Chile
President of IAKS LAC

IAKS Nordic: Esben Danielsen, Denmark
President of the IAKS Nordic
LOA Fonden

IAKS Poland: Zbigniew Klonowski, Poland
President of Polish Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities

IAKS Russia: Vladimir Parkman, Russia
RASF (Russian Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities)

IAKS Spain: Jesús del Barrio Díez, Spain
President of the IAKS Spain
National Sports Council

IAKS Switzerland: Roger Gut, Switzerland
President of the IAKS Switzerland
Architect FH, maj Architects ag